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Some projects from my courses, Hackathons, free time at the airport, etc.


Some code examples of projects mentioned above and more!

A course recommender for UPenn students.
Python 0 0
Generates 2D cloud texture with procedural noise function.
TypeScript 0 0
A material point method simulation of jellos. Solver built in C, visualization created in Houdini.

My Thoughts

How to start learning something? What's for lunch? How did I make that? Find the answers to these questions and more through my articles:

Jul 23, 2020

5 handy Unity features that can set your game apart and make your life a lot easier!

Jul 10, 2020

How I created a chat system in Unity in under 30 minutes with Mirror Networking.

Aug 23, 2019

I had little expectation before my time in Seattle. I had no idea that the next ten weeks at CBRE Build would bring me some of the most valuable learning experiences I have had thus far…

Aug 02, 2019

Just like with swimming, dancing, and many other things I have done, I decided that the best way for me to learn machine learning is to throw myself into it…